Banana Belt Films

Whether on location with leading technology companies around the globe, or filming the incredible athletes passing through our backyard mecca in the Rockies. We love Video Film, camping sites, enjoying beautiful Salida Co

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Banana Belt Gear

Sewing is cool. Right now we don't sew everything here in Salida- but we are working on it. In the meantime we attempt to obtain sewing services as close to Salida as possible without compromising quality. Manufactured here. Here! in Salida, Colorado

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Banana Belt Ice Cream

The Banana Belt Ice Cream Tricycle is BADASS, and it carries a wide variety of Mexico brand ice cream and fruit bars. Palletas as they are known in Mexico and California. Real sugar, real CA Cows.

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Riding and Filming

These days at Banana Belt there is a lot of riding and filming. Posting will happen as soon as the editing room frees up a bit.


Recent news, giving GoDaddy a Go. (will take credit for pun). Yah, so this is the ultimate wordpress package we are trying. You will see many unedited posts at first. The theme will probably go custom, possibly rendering this communication obsolete.


Banana Belt logo in use